Game Designer. Graphic/Web Designer.

Hello! My name is Brandon Casteel. I am the head writer and sole proprietor of, a blog dedicated to RTS design. I've published about once a month or more continually since 2013. Some notable articles include:

I have spent the past 2 years developing a full conversion mod for StarCraft 2 called SCRAP (Scavenge, Collect, Reclaim, Attack, Prevail). I've also spent the past 6 months working as a game designer on an RTS called Failure: NeuroSlicers. I've done freelance work as a game designer for Blackbird Interactive, Animus Interactive, and Arian Studio.

I have 7 years experience as a practicing graphic designer, 6 years experience with Information Technology (y, SharePoint process automation and web design/branding), and 2 years experience with game design.  This is complimented by a Bachelor’s of Arts in Graphic Design, and a Certified Knowledge Manager diploma.

I'm experienced with technical writing as well, and have written numerous guides and cut sheets for the United States Marine Corps.